We’ve all heard the saying that the only two things you can’t escape are death and taxes!  At least most of us can’t escape taxes…

By electing Blake Tillery we got a fighter for kitchen table issues.  Blake understands what hard-working Georgians face with inflation caused by the Democrats.  Our Senator, Blake Tillery, led the effort to CUT OUR STATE INCOME TAXES!!! 

This isn’t new to him.  As the County Commission Chairman in Toombs County residents saw their taxes decrease EVERY year he was in office!  Blake took that same can-do attitude to Atlanta and made a difference in our wallets.

The average Georgian is struggling.  Most are worse off with Joe Biden in office.  Inflation numbers are thru the roof, the Democrats and fake news media are making up a new definition for recession (yes, we are in one!) to try and pretend it’s not as bad as we know it is, and the stock market is tanking.

Our conservative Senator thought about what we’re going thru and he reduced our tax burden.  That’s because he’s not a politician.  Blake is one of us!

Let’s Re-Elect Blake Tillery!

We need a champion for the average person in Atlanta.  Blake made lowering our taxes a priorty.

By reducing expenses, pushing economic growth, and eliminating unnecessary regulations on our small business owners, Blake has plans and ideas to see our state grow AND lower taxes at the same time.  We need to keep Blake Tillery!

President Ronald Reagan on taxes:  “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15th.”

Blake agrees with President Reagan.  Blake’s record on taxes is clear.  Toombs County saw a reduction in taxes EVERY YEAR he was County Commission Chairman!  As the Senate Appropriations Chairman, Blake pushed thru a tax cut for ALL Georgians.

Let’s keep a tax-cutting Republican.  A common-sense conservative.  A leader who thinks about us. Let’s Re-Elect Blake Tillery! 

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