We’ve all heard the saying that the only two things you can’t escape are death and taxes!  At least most of us can’t escape taxes…

When we elect Blake Tillery he will bring his attitude and record to Atlanta.  During his term as County Commission Chairman, Blake used his position to lower taxes by lowering the millage rate on Toombs County residents EVERY year he was in office!  Why can’t that occur on the state level?

The average Georgian hasn’t seen their economic situation get better during the Obama years.  Most are worse off than when President Obama took office.  With a failed presidency, unemployment numbers that are higher than they want us to believe and less people than ever in the work force, our economic situation isn’t good.

There are many interesting ideas floating around.  Senator Judson Hill (R – Marietta) has a bill that would reverse the state income tax and lower it if the state revenues remain high enough and the state’s “rainy day fund” is at safe levels.  That’s the kind of thinking that Blake Tillery wants to encourage and support.  That’s the kind of legislator Blake Tillery would be for us.

Let’s elect Blake Tillery!

We need a champion for the average person in Atlanta.  Blake will make lowering our taxes a priorty.

By reducing expenses, pushing economic growth, and eliminating unnecessary regulations on our small business owners, Blake has plans and ideas to see our state grow AND lower taxes at the same time.  We need Blake Tillery!

President Ronald Reagan on taxes:  “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15th.”

Blake agrees with President Reagan.  Blake’s record on taxes is clear.  The millage rate was lowered every year he was County Commission Chairman!

Let’s elect a tax-cutting Republican.  A real Republican.  A common-sense conservative.  Let’s elect Blake Tillery! 

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