Issues We Face

We have lots of issues facing our state.

  • How do we grow our economy?
  • How can we best reduce taxes?
  • How do we ensure our children get a world class education?
  • How much control should state government exert into local issues?

These are just some of the issues that we face.

What we don’t need are legislators more interested in pet projects, legislators that cater to special interests or factions, legislators holding grudges or fighting personal vendettas, legislators more interested in getting a check from the state or legislators trying to create issues to become a state-wide or national elected official.  We need a common-sense conservative that will put our needs first.

We need Blake Tillery!

How will Blake legislate?  Blake Tillery will work to solve problems, to represent us, to listen to our ideas, to make our lives better and to help South Georgia grow while remaining a place we love.  The issues we face are large; Blake has the experience, values and temperament to face them head on and make the right decisions for us.

We Have To Work Together

Blake remembers his days playing football and baseball.  The lessons learned there have helped him through life.  When we understand life and government are team sports and we can’t accomplish anything alone, we realize we must work together to bring positive change.  While some areas of our region have large plants or factories, others are primarily farming communities.   Our Senator must work to find solutions that help one without hurting others.  This requires teamwork!  We have to work together to find solutions for all our neighbors so we can all grow and prosper.

“As your State Senator, I will represent your interests and fight for your rights in Atlanta.  Based on my election for County Commission Chairman, when I make a campaign promise, I live up to it.  We would love to have you join our team.”

Join Our Team