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Herschel Visit

Blake was thrilled to host Herschel Walker at his office for a fundraiser.  “I was too young to be at UGA when Herschel was playing but even when I was in Athens, decades later, Herschel was still a major alumni.”

Tillery went further saying, “There are few people who are identified by just their first name.  That Name ID is something every candidate wants.  Herschel has it and I trust him to be a strong conservative voice in DC.”

Herschel Walker Fundraiser

“What a thrill to welcome the greatest running back in UGA history to my office!”

Blake continued, “And not only was he the greatest running back, Herschel Walker is the BEST candidate for US Senate!”

While Blake is having a major impact on how our state operates, the issues in DC all fall at the feet of Joe Biden, Raphael Warnock and the rest of the Democrats.  Their liberal agenda and woke policies have divided our nation, driven us into  a recession, and allowed an invasion at our southern border.  It’s time to make a change.  Blake is endorsing & supporting Herschel Walker because we need conservative polices and South Georgia values in DC!

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