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Why I Am Running For Re-Election

First, I want to personally ask for your vote.

I originally ran for office because I was concerned about South Georgia.  I still am!

I grew up here; played ball here; hunted and fished here; and came back home after college to build a business here.  I even married my wife (a girl from here – Ashlee Nicole Sharer from Wayne County) and we are raising our family here.

I want my kids to have the same quality of life.  I want them to be able to get on our rivers, go in the woods, play ball, and grow up with a small town view of the world.  I also want them to get a world-class education and have the opportunity for a good job when they grow up.  And selfishly, I want them to stay close by so I can see my grandchildren!

To make all that happen, we need a Senator that will help with economic development, understands low taxes are important, has our values, and works well with others.  I believe I am that guy & my record proves it!

I didn’t just hop into that first State Senate race.  I spent time in prayer, had a major discussion with my wife (fiancé then), and sought advice from people I respect before I knew it was the right place and right time for me to run.  Each time I have to qualify for re-election, I do the same things.  Each time I have felt I was the right person for this time.  I feel the same about this race.

I listen to you; I am YOUR representative.  My agenda in Atlanta is to represent your concerns, stand up for conservative values, defend the unborn, fight for our 2A rights, lower our tax burden, ensure election integrity, and put money into the budget so our area has the resources to grow our economy.  I always have you, my family and all of South Georgia on my mind and heart.

My cell number is (912) 245-9915 and my office number is (912) 537-3030.  Call me if you have questions, ideas, or just want to find out more about me.  I’d love to hear from you.

 I trust I have represented you well and will continue to make you proud if you re-elect me.  And I will make South Georgia a better place for all of our families.

South Georgia Roots; South Georgia Pride

“I love my home.  I built a business here, got married to a local girl and we are raising our family here.  I want South Georgia to grow and prosper.  In my time in the State Senate, I have focused on how I can help my neighbors and my community.  Please vote to re-elect me, so I can continue to represent you!”

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Lifelong Conservative

Blake has been involved in the Republican party for his whole life.  Blake has worked on campaigns, served as Treasurer of the local party, been elected as a Republican, attended conventions, and donated to various GOP causes.  But Blake would tell you, he is a conservative first and that’s why he is a Republican!

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