Second Amendment

Lot’s of people talk about protecting your rights.  But Blake Tillery is the only candidate that went to law school and now spends his days (in his regular job) standing up and protecting the rights of all Georgians.

Blake will fight ANY effort by liberals that don’t want you to be able to have a gun.  As a sportsman (though not a great shot!) Blake believes in the traditions of hunting & fishing.  More importantly, Blake knows that the ability to own a gun isn’t just a tradition . . . it’s one of our basic constitutional rights!

We Need To Keep Blake Tillery!

Gun owners have no better friend that Blake Tillery in the State Capitol.  He believes in the constitution AND he understands the law.  We can count on Blake to stand up for us.

Every year there are bills relating to guns, where you can carry your gun, how you must carry it, etc.  If we don’t have a strong conservative like Blake Tillery representing us, our rights may be at risk.  SB 319 (the Constitutional Carry bill) was passed to ensure Georgia law acknowledges you have the right, as guaranteed by the US Constitution, to own, carry and use guns.

Blake Tillery is a friend of the 2nd Amendment; let’s re-elect a true conservative; let’s Keep Blake Tillery!

Blake Tillery is a common-sense conservative.  Blake will ALWAYS stand up for our constitutional rights.

We need someone we trust representing us.  Our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to ensure we have these rights.  Blake Tillery will do the same! 

Blake believes the 2nd Amendment is an INDIVIDUAL right, not a corporate right.  Its purpose was to protect individuals from the power and tyranny of government.  Blake understands this and has voted to protect our 2A rights.

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