Blake is humbled and honored by the endorsements of these Georgians.  We can’t list everyone (mainly because of bandwidth issues and trying to have a picture of each one!), but wanted to share with you some of our endorsements.  We are blessed with their friendship and trust!

We Need To Keep Senator Blake Tillery!

On Election Day, join with these leaders and vote to re-elect Senator Blake Tillery.  Senator Tillery delivers for our area!

Lindsay Thomas Endorses Blake

“I’ve known Blake for years and am proud to call him friend. I know his heart, his character, and his record of results.  When he first ran for the State Senate, he came to see me.  I was impressed.  So I endorsed Blake and supported him.  After he was elected, I saw Blake getting results for our area.  He was instrumental in getting roads, broadband, and other projects done for South Georgia.  Blake Tillery’s work ethic is fantastic!  Others in the legislature saw his abilities and Blake moved up in leadership.  Now, Blake is the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  That’s huge for us.  I’m glad to endorse Blake again and know he will deliver for our area.”

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Roger Branch Endorses Blake

“Blake was a Republican leader for years in our area then he ran for Toombs County Commission Chairman where he delivered results & lowered taxes.  When he ran for the State Senate, he said he would work to lower taxes, grow our economy and stand for our values.  That’s exactly what he’s done!  Due to his record of results, I am glad to endorse Blake.  He has done a great job and his record speaks for itself.  If you want a conservative who delivers results for our area, join me in voting to re-elect Senator Blake Tillery!”

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Chris Hopkins Endorses Blake

“I’ve seen Blake serve Toombs County and every year he was County Commission Chairman, he lowered our taxes.  EVERY YEAR!  That’s what I wanted in a Senator.  As our Senator, Blake led the way on a tax cut for ALL Georgians!  Not only that, Blake is Senate Appropriations Chairman and, in that role, he is able to create a MASSIVE investment into South Georgia.  Endorsing Blake is the easiest decision I’ve ever made.  Blake listens, shares my values, and is a leader in the legislature.  Join me in voting to Re-Elect Senator Blake Tillery.”

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