Blake is humbled and honored by the endorsements of these Georgians.  We can’t list everyone (mainly because of bandwidth issues and trying to have a picture of each one!), but wanted to share with you some of our endorsements.  We are blessed with their friendship and trust!

We Need Blake Tillery!

On Tuesday, May 24th, join with these leaders and vote for Blake Tillery for State Senate.  United we stand; together we win!

Senator Tommie Williams Endorses Blake

“I’ve known Blake for years. I know his heart, his character, and his record of results.  He worked on my first campaign.  Later, in college, Blake worked in my Senate office as an aide for 2 sessions.  Most recently, I’ve been a constituent of his.  If Blake Tillery does as good a job as our Senator as he as done as our County Commission Chair, we will have an awesome Senator.  I’m proud to call him my friend and hope you will join with me and vote for Blake Tillery.”

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Former Opponent James Thompson Endorses Blake

“Four years ago I ran against Blake for County Commission Chairman.  Today, I am his biggest supporter.  He has done a great job and his record speaks for itself.  I’ve seen leadership, abilty to get everyone on the same page, conservative views on taxes and humble heart for the past years.  I am proud to endorse Blake Tillery for State Senate!”

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