ATLANTA (May 15, 2017)  |  On Monday, May 8, 2017, Governor Nathan Deal signed Senate Bill 258 into Georgia law. SB 258, also known as “Briley’s Bill” after the Vidalia Heritage Academy freshman who inspired the legislation, was sponsored by Sen. Blake Tillery (R – Vidalia).

SB 258, which disqualifies one from holding public office if they owe tax money or other public funds to the government, was the product of a Youth Scholarship contest hosted by Sen. Tillery that allows students from Senate District 19 to write an essay suggesting improvements to Georgia law. The winner, Briley Braddy of Montgomery County, initiated the idea that eventually became SB 258 and went into effect on May 8, 2017. Rep. Greg Morris (R – Vidalia) carried the measure in the House.

“My main thought behind this legislation was to serve my community and state while ensuring good ethics amongst political leaders,” said Ms. Braddy.

“I am so happy to see this legislation signed into law,” said Sen. Tillery. “Briley won our scholarship contest in the Fall and her idea for improving our state made so much common sense; no one should be making decisions about other’s taxpayer dollars if they haven’t paid their own. To see Briley’s bill signed by the governor is especially meaningful. It is a great reminder that everyone – regardless of age or where you live – can take part in state government.”

The following bills carried by Sen. Tillery in the Senate were also approved by the Governor and will become law:

  • SB 132, which simplifies civil case disposition forms and eliminates roughly 10 pages from the Georgia code.


  • HB 87 allows multi-year corporate renewals for LLC’s and corporations in Georgia, lessening the annual burden on Georgia businesses.


  • HB 319 provides habeas corpus petition relief of up to $30,000 to Wheeler, Telfair and Tattnall Counties.


  • HB 343 compassionately modernizes Georgia law by striking the term “mentally retarded” from state code and replacing it with the term “intellectual disability”