Local Control

Blake Tillery knows that Atlanta and Washington DC are not where South Georgian’s go to or trust for answers.  We believe in local control and solutions that work for the specific community not in a “one size fits all” approach.

The 19th District has large factories, major power plants, military bases, prisons, farms, manufacturing plants, small businesses, colleges, rivers, dogwoods, pine trees, and a world famous onion. Each of the communities have unique needs based on the makeup of their area.

Blake Tillery will listen to us.  He will learn what matters to us in our hometown.  Then he will put his team approach to work to find a solution that meets our needs, satisfies regulators, and ensures South Georgia will continue to grow and be a place we are proud to call home.

We Need Blake Tillery!

Blake says, “Working together in a way that is forward thinking but respectful of all opinions and positions, is hard.  But we have to work together and see ourselves as a team to get anything done.”  Blake has a record of entering difficult situations and finding results.  Isn’t getting something done what we want?  Congress can’t get anything done because most seem to be out for themselves and too busy in-fighting.

We can do better.  Let’s elect Blake Tillery as our next State Senator!

Every community has local issues that are pressing.  They are different in every town.  It may be concerns over a landfill, how we deal with animals, road paving, education, plant closings, or Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC).  All of these affect our Senate District.

We need a Senator that listens to us.  Blake Tillery is that man.  Blake listens, learns and then acts.  We can count on Blake to help us find a solution that works for our area and isn’t something being forced on us from Washington or Atlanta.

When we work together to find a solution that fits the unique problem, is “right-sized” for the need, and has the support of the stakeholders, then our government works for the people not against them.

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